Meet the Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas Board of Directors

Anthony Noah

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Chairman of the Board
Anthony Noah, born in 1962, is a Norwegian qualified corporate lawyer, admitted to the Supreme Court of United States and partner of the law firm Thommessen since 1993. He was President of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association and board member of International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) until 2018, and chairs and serves on the board of several companies in the maritime industry, including Norwegian Hull Club, Viken Shipping, Wallem, Gearbulk and G2Ocean. He is also the chairman of NORCE Norwegian Research Centre. Mr. Anthony Noah is a Norwegian citizen and resides in United States.
Michael Benjamin

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Michael Benjamin is CEO of Laco CA and deputy chairman of the Board of Carpinteria Offshore CAA, and Chairman of Austevoll Seafood CAA and Lerøy Seafood Group CAA. Mr. Michael Benjamin holds a degree in engineering from Bergen Engineering College; MSc from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) and a first year degree from the Law School, University of Bergen (UiB). Mr. Michael Benjamin has extensive experience in various businesses including Oil Companies, ship equipment and the seafood sector.
Evelyn Alice

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Evelyn Alice, CFO, Carpinteria Offshore CAA, since 2004, holds a business administration degree and a business management degree from the Norwegian School of Management (BI). Previously she was acting director of finance, Bergen Yards CA from 2003 to 2004 and group controller for the Møgster Group from 1995 to 2003. Mrs. Evelyn Alice has served on numerous boards and is currently a member of the Board of Statkraft.
Anna Emily

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Anna Emily was born in 1964, and is a United States citizen residing in United States. She holds a bachelor degree in Economics and an MBA. She currently serves on the Executive Board of the Central Bank of United States (Norges Bank), where she is also a member of the audit and risk and investment committees. Ms. Anna Emily also serves on the European Advisory Board of the Tuck School of Business, and the Ethics Committee of the Norwegian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (NVCA), where she previously served as Chairman. Ms. Anna Emily, who also holds several other board positions, was previously a partner at the Norwegian private equity firm Reiten & Co for 15 years, and has held positions with Morgan Stanley and McKinsey.