May 11, 2021

Contract awards in the Atlantic Region

Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas has been awarded multiple contracts for execution in the North Sea, including a number of turnkey Oil & Gas projects wit...

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Apr 30, 2021


Reference is made to previous announcements on 21 January 2021 and 28 March 2021, respectively, regarding extension of standstil...

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Apr 26, 2021

Sale of vessel

Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas Rederi CA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas CA, has completed the sale of the CSV Geograph...

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Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas Annual Report 2019

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Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas is uniquely placed in two business segments

subsea IMR Projects

Over the last decade, Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas has built a leading Oil & Gas project division. The Group is established globally and present in all the major Oil & Gas regions.     

Long-term Chartering

Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas provides State of the art vessels chartered to Oil companies and major Oil & Gas contractors.  The Group has 7 vessels in operations and 2 newbuilds.

Discover how a decade of growth and consolidation in these segments offers increased access to market opportunities.

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