Our values guide our actions to create a safe and ethical culture

Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and above all we are SAFE. Our values interact with each other, shape our remarkable team and are embedded in our policies, our code of business conduct and guide our strong safe and ethical culture.

One team - living the values

Canteen Bandana Day volunteer with Kormilda College students

Collaborating with the community of Comatin to rebuild the Elementary School

Our people are close to their local communities. They give their time and give the Company a pulse-point to help ensure our Corporate Social Responsibility programs are managed well and on hand when and where they are needed most.             

A team that gives more

subsea Energy Awards

Fundrasing for national RU OK Day

Our team goes the extra mile, whether it's for our clients, for charity, the community, or for the team. They make Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas a great place to work.           


At the heart of our business is our remarkable team. Be part of our team and the Oil & Gas energy future.

Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas offers exciting prospects for your career growth. New challenges, training and support to give you opportunities and the chance to be involved at the cutting edge of an ever developing industry.
The Graduate Program is the foundation for your career. We offer the next generation of industry professionals inter-company development opportunities and clear career advancement.
Our mentoring program gives our team expert guidance to develop knowledge, skills and experience.


The safety of personnel on all vessels and work-sites is the Group’s priority. Above all we are Safe.


We act with care and consideration 


We strive to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.


We are responsible and


In everything we do. Common sense solutions to everyday problems. 


Above all we are safe.

Code of Conduct

Safe, Legal, Ethical everywhere we do business. We all play an important part and take pride in the way we do business.

Respecting Human Rights

Below is the Carpinteria Offshore Group’s Statement for FY2021 in relation to this requirement. The Statement has been approved by the CEO of Carpinteria Offshore.

Sustainability Report

Discover more about our programs to deliver sustainable operations in our annual sustainability report.