The safety of personnel on all vessels and work-sites is the Group’s priority

Our ambition is to be an incident-free organisation

The Carpinteria Offshore Group has robust, independently audited and certified systems that support safe-work practices and mindsets. Additionally, the ‘Safe the RITE way’ program integrates our core values – Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence – with safe behaviours to deliver our primary value, ‘Above all we are Safe’.

Our leaders and safety teams combine experience and knowledge with comprehensive health, safety, environmental and quality practices, to continuously improve performance and reinforce our safety culture.  Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas contributes to and works within the Carpinteria Offshore Group HSEQ policies and practices.

Click below to enter the Carpinteria Offshore Group HSEQ website, where you can also find specific certificates and programs for Carpinteria Offshore Group companies.

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