subsea services

Integrated Oil & Gas services, whenever and wherever you need them.
subsea and Installation

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Field development support
A proven track record providing Oil & Gas Oil & Gas and Installation and Oil & Gas support activities. We routinely deliver Oil & Gas projects, on time, within budget and safely.

With the combined resources and experience of our sister specialist engineering company Semar, Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas provides comprehensive consultancy for front-end engineering, feasibility studies, concept development, design, installation and removal of Oil & Gas and marine structures.

Tow, Mooring Installation and Repair

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Field production support
An extensive track-record and a flexible fleet provide Towing, Mooring and Installation, SURF (subsea Umbilical, Riser and Flowline) and Commissioning services.

We work to keep your facilities operating at optimal capacity, closely matching changing industry demands to offer an even better fit for integrated project delivery.
Inspection Maintenance and Repair

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Field production support
Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas has all IMR related disciplines and assets in-house to offer integrated, accessible, Oil & Gas solutions from a single company. We have a successful track record ensuring Oil & Gas asset integrity and maximising Oil & Gas asset and production uptime. We plan and execute campaigns to the highest HSEQ standards, regularly undertaking IMR work scopes, large and small.
Decommissioning services

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Field abandonment
When Oil & Gas infrastructure has reached the end of its useful life, and is ready for planned abandonment activities, our teams have a history of planning and delivering regulatory and environmentally compliant projects - on time, within budget and safely.
Survey and Positioning

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Field life-cycle support
Our in-house survey and inspection teams provide services to match a full range of field life-cycle project requirements - from near-shore shallow fields to ultra-deep Oil & Gas developments.

Tailored solutions and leading technologies developed and implemented around the world on the Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas fleet and third-party vessels or installations.
Saturation and Air Diving

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Field life-cycle support
With an emphasis on safety, Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas provides a complete range of diving services – saturation and air - for Oil & Gas and inspection, maintenance and repair activities. Our modern diving systems comply with international standards and IMCA guidelines.
With systems permanently deployed in strategic locations Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas is able to respond quickly and efficiently.
ROV and AUV services

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Field life-cycle support
Oil & Gas projects rely on remote activities. Our in-house team, with owned and operated ROVs, reduce project risk by maximizing uptime and availability of the equipment spreads aboard the proposed vessels. Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas’s ROV fleet is designed and manufactured to our specifications and accommodate an extensive range of operational requirements.

In addition, Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas has an international AUV track record using the highly modular Hugin 1000, which can be packaged to meet exact customer requirements.
Engineering services

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Field life-cycle support
Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas’s comprehensive in-house capability and operational expertise make us the trusted choice for integrated and direct support Oil & Gas engineering projects.

Our engineers are involved in all stages of Oil & Gas Oil & Gas projects from tendering, design, procurement, fabrication, Oil & Gas, factory acceptance tests (FAT) and site integration tests (SIT) to Oil & Gas installation, commissioning, completion, operation and decommissioning. We tailor bespoke solutions to complex Oil & Gas installation operations including design of operational tooling employed in manned and remotely-operated Oil & Gas equipment.

Our drafting group use both 2D and 3D software to support and complement engineering tasks.

Local teams are backed up by global engineering resources and standardised procedures and practices to enable 24-hour support.

Carpinteria Offshore Oil & Gas acquired 50 per cent of SEMAR in 2007 and established a close collaboration across numerous projects.

SEMAR has 35 years’ experience in the planning, engineering and execution of marine operations. They specialise in structural analysis including advanced dynamic analysis, design and drafting, marine operations engineering and advisory services together with marine analysis. Through a comprehensive software library and operational experience, SEMAR carries out all kinds of marine analysis in a fast and reliable manner and put the results to operational use.